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Since the beginning, Frankie Sicoli, known as Rated R, has continuously proven to be a dangerous player in the Bass music scene. After producing two of his most groundbreaking singles, “OH F*CK” with DrinkUrWater and “Womp Womp” with VRG, his name was virally known within the EDM community and major music festivals. Following these major releases, Sicoli used his time wisely to revolutionize the Rated R project by advancing his visual brand and incorporating a new sound into his genre-defying style of dubstep. His aggressive bass lines combined with heavy-rock musical elements creates the Rated R experience we know today and has been recognized by major industry sharks such as Excision, Carnage, Riot Ten, Sullivan King, SayMyName, Kill the Noise, and ATLiens. Snails, a bass music leading figure, soon welcomed Rated R as a member in Slugz Music where he released his latest EP, “Hostage.”


From being a part of Excison's first Gen on Subsidia  to collaborating with Sullivan King on his biggest EP yet with "Stitches," Rated R is seen as a force to be reckoned with. It’s not surprising that every stage Rated R performs on fills up to capacity. His hard work is evident both visually and musically as he breaks down industry barriers with each release, setting him up with a bright future ahead of him.

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